SDI Manager


SDI Manager

Learning Objectives

SDI’s Service Desk and Support Manager Qualification recognizes an individual’s knowledge of the competency requirements and skills required to be a manager of a service desk. A person who passes the SDM exam can be expected have the skills to:

Develop and deliver service desk and support strategies to fully underpin the organization’s business strategy and objectives

Demonstrate the key leadership and management competencies needed to be a successful Service Desk and Support Manager – to include operational management, organizational change management, human resources, team development, service desk promotion, risk and financial management

Develop and deliver service desk and support technology strategies to underpin strategic objectives

Interface the service desk with other IT functions, processes and standards to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of IT

Design, contract and deliver service desk processes and services to deliver exceptional customer service and support

Target Group

SDI’s SDM exam and training materials are aimed at individuals who have one to three years of management experience in the support profession. Examples of professional job titles include:

Team Leader


Service Desk Manager

Support Manager

Service Delivery Manager

Customer Service Manager

Individuals interested in achieving an SDI qualification will come from all industry sectors across a range of large, medium, and small sized Service Desks. They will have a desire to be recognized for demonstrating an understanding of the important topics listed in these standards in order to pursue employment and advancement opportunities in the support industry.


SDI is committed to defining standards for additional support professional roles as the industry evolves and its needs change. In business today, customers want educated and qualified professionals to support their business needs. SDI qualifications provide:

  • Validation of current knowledge and skill sets
  • Evidence of excellence achieved
  • Professional development
  • Personal pride
  • Credentials that travel


The training courseware, examination are accredited by APMG-International

Format of the Examination:

Type: 60 MCQ

Duration: 75 minutes

Supervised: Yes

Open Book: No

Pass Score: 45/60

Delivery: Online

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