Volume Licensing

Volume Licensing (VL)

By definition, “Microsoft Volume Licensing is an easy and affordable way to run Microsoft software across multiple computers and use Online Services across multiple users within an organization. “
And since different businesses might have different needs, Microsoft is offering under this big umbrella, multiple choices in terms of agreements and programs in which customers can license their products & services under, like (Enterprise Agreement, MPSA, Campus Agreement, Open …etc.). 
When considering a VL agreement\program for your business, you may also wish to consider if your chosen option does have software assurance or not? 
Software Assurance is a set of benefits that customers can get use of in addition to the right to use the software. Hereunder some of software assurance benefits that Microsoft is offering:
  • New Version Rights
  • Training Vouchers
  • Planning Services
  • 24X7 Problem Resolution Support
  • Home Use Program

Software Asset Management

The term Software Asset Management (or simply SAM for short) depicts a set of business practices that involves managing and optimizing the costs, deployment, maintenance, utilization, optimization, and disposal of software assets within an organization.

In practice, SAM lets you protect your software investments and limits business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of the software, and in the era of the cloud, companies now tend to have cloud and on-premise solutions in a hybrid model in which the need for having a SAM practice is becoming more and more important for the following reasons:

  • Cost effective way for new software acquisition\usage.
  • Better utilization of existing acquired software.
  • Having a clear vision on the deployed software legality status.
  • More accurate definition of clients needed software.

Things to Consider with Volume Licensing

Consulting our licensing team is highly recommended in order to have a proper choice for the licensing option of your company in the most cost effective way.

However, the right licensing agreement\program which we will recommend for you is going to be built on (but not limited to) the below factors:

  • The size of your Business
  • The type of your company
  • The products that you want to license
  • Software upgrades lifecycle within your company
  • And more…