Group Policy Auditor

See who, what, where
and when changes are made…

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Group Policy Auditing

Available standalone or part of the LepideAuditor Suite


Changes to Group Policies can impact tens, hundreds, or thousands of users or computers at a time. LepideAuditor keeps track of every change made to Group Policies, increasing your visibility with detailed auditing, reporting, and alerting, while maintaining control with granular roll back of changes.

How it benefits you

Strong Change Tracking
Every detail, down to the policy settings

When GPOs are changed, everyone’s impacted. So you need to know every detail on what was changed. LepideAuditor monitors Active Directory for changes to Group Policies, detailing when changes are made, who made the change, from where, when and what specific policies were changed. Before and After detail, provide visibility into exactly what is transpiring within your Group Policies. The option to specify which domain controllers, and OUs to be audited allows you to focus in on the parts of AD under your control.

Key Features
  • Granular auditing of Group Policy objects, and GPO links
  • Changes to policies are monitored based on policy type, including Administrative Templates, Software, Configuration, Password, Local, and more
  • Every change entry includes Who, What, When, Where, and From details
  • Before & after are provide needed to detail exactly which group policy setting was changed
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