Lepide Active Directory Cleaner

A simple tool to manage inactive users

Proactively track and automate how you handle inactive Active Directory users

Lepide Active Directory Cleaner 

Unnoticed obsolete Active Directory accounts are a big threat to network security but locating and managing them on a regular basis is a tiring task that uses up substantial resources, efforts and time of IT staff

Opt for the simplified method to keep Active Directory clean without IT staff involvement and do away with inactive and obsolete accounts on regular basis with LepideAuditor Suite.

LepideAuditor Suite is a complete AD cleanup solution that simplifies obsolete account detection in Active Directory and helps to manage them through automated actions i.e. reset password, delete, disable and move inactive accounts to another OU. Routine cleaning of Active Directory is intricate and time consuming and thus the software provides the facility to automate and schedule Active Directory cleanup actions; just schedule required actions to and get the cleanup done at regular intervals.

How it benefits you

Benefits from a wider perspective

Avoid security threats caused by obsolete user accounts of employees, who are no longer in the organization.

Prevent AD from being messed up by removing accounts, computers or users, which were never used.

Sustain compliance with various industry regulations by keeping AD updated and clean.

Improve AD performance and avoid malfunctions.

No need of additional investment because the software does not need any additional resources and adapts with the existing infrastructure

Benefits over manual AD cleaning

Save time, resources and efforts that manual cleaning consumes.

Simply schedule required tasks and get the clean up done time to time.

No need for extensive search to locate dormant and obsolete user & computer accounts.

Get rid of intricate command lines and queries used to find, remove, disable or move inactive accounts.


Find inactive user accounts:

Easily locate user accounts that are obsolete or not in use for a long time. Define inactivity period to consider any user account obsolete or inactive and remove, disable or move them to another OU, as required.

Generate comprehensive reports:

Get comprehensive reports on inactive accounts, never logged on users and real last logon details of accounts. Reports can be generated for the required period and sorted or filtered for more precise details. Like Active Directory cleanup actions, reports can also be scheduled on daily, weekly and monthly basis and mailed to intended recipients in CSV, HTML and PDF format.

Manage inactive accounts:

Simplify inactive or obsolete account management by performing various actions, as required:

Schedule and automate AD cleanup actions:

Schedule and automate the tasks of setting password, disabling, moving or deleting inactive accounts and maintain clean and secured Active Directory.

Get a quick overview of entire network:

Get an idea of all inactive users and computers within entire network with Dashboard. Dashboard provides quick overview of users and computers that are inactive for a certain period i.e. 30, 60 and 90 days.

  • Delete accounts that are obsolete
  • Reset passwords of inactive accounts to avoid misuse and unauthorized access
  • Disable inactive accounts that are currently inactive
  • Move inactive accounts to another OU
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