Lepide Exchange Reporter

Exchange Reporting made easy

We give you complete visibility of utilisation, mail flow and system
activity across your Exchange environment

Lepide Exchange Reporter

We believe the Exchange server is arguably the most important server in your business. The implications of failure or a breach of Exchange without adequate reporting tools in place can be critical, sometimes fatal.. So why risk it?

Lepide Exchange Reporter (LER) provides complete visibility of mail flow, system usage and mailboxes’ sizes in a few clicks of a mouse. We help organizations keep track of their data on their Exchange servers and ensure that it’s safe, secure, always available and compliant.

Our Exchange Reporter tool tracks, analyzes and reports on multiple servers. It automates scanning of log files and Information Stores to present easy-to-interpret and actionable information that offers complete insight into organization-wide email system usage and infrastructure. Software generates 80+ reports on Email flow, Mailbox folders and OWA that elaborate upon all facets of Email usage.

How it benefits you

Avoids potential security threats and malicious acts through Message Tracking Logs, IIS Logs and Exchange Transaction Logs.

Ensures compliance with reports designed specifically to keep you in adherence with external regulations.

Enables better planning of storage capacity with Information Store, Mailbox, and Public Folder size and growth reports.

Prevents spamming and develops Exchange server content filtering by monitoring organizational email flow.

Enables full visibility of server traffic with ‘Traffic per Domain’ and ‘Traffic Comparison by Type’ reports.

Provides 80+ reports on email flow, mailbox folders and OWA through automated scanning of log files and information stores.

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