LepideMigrator for Exchange

We believe Exchange migration should be easy!

Let us do the heavy lifting with our easy to use software.
We make Exchange and Office 365 migration look easy.

LepideMigrator for Exchange

We understand the traditional complications and uncertainty involved in moving to the latest Exchange Server 2016/2013 or Office 365 so we decided to make it much easier for everyone.

LepideMigrator for Exchange (LME) is a one-stop solution to help you in the complex mailbox migration between two Exchange Servers and from Office 365/Exchange Server to Office 365 and vice versa. It automates the transfer of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of mailboxes, Outlook profiles, configuration, and other data with ease. The complex restructuring of Exchange environment is simplified while the risk involved in migrating the mailboxes is minimized without impact to users.

How it benefits you

Simplifying Exchange Migration
Migrate between Exchange Servers of any version hosted anywhere

LepideMigrator for Exchange performs version independent migration between two Exchange Servers of any language hosted anywhere locally, in network, or at cloud. Software supports both intra-forest and cross-forest migrations.

Key Features
  • Migrate from any Exchange version to any other even from higher to lower version
  • Supports Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003
  • Migrate directly from Exchange 2003/2007 to Exchange 2013/2016
  • Migrate from any Exchange version to Office 365
  • Migrate from Office 365 to Office 365 and any Exchange version
  • Public Folder migration
  • Intra-forest Exchange migration
  • Cross-forest Exchange migration
  • Migrate between Exchange Servers of different languages
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