Solutions for SharePoint

SharePoint Server Solutions

SharePoint Server Solutions

SharePoint auditing, monitoring, reporting, migration to SharePoint, and download from SharePoint

SharePoint Solution Benefits – Manage, Audit and Migrate Content

Satisfy Compliance as per regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, etc.

Predefined Reporting with additional filter and customization options for Lists, Libraries, Lists, List Items, Users, Groups, Permissions, Sites, Site Collections, etc.

Migrate Content from Office 365, Public Folders of Exchange, File Servers, Remote File Systems and SharePoint to SharePoint Servers (2010 and 2013).

Download Content from SharePoint Servers to File Servers.

Migrate Metadata and permissions of every file, folder to SharePoint Server.

Filter Data which is to be uploaded or downloaded from the Server.

Consolidate Data from diverse sources for effective data handling, more control over data and enhanced data security.

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