LepideMigrator for Documents

We simplify SharePoint migration

Simple, granular means of migrating content to SharePoint,
OneDrive and Office 365

LepideMigrator for Documents

Times are changing and on premise file sharing, storage and collaboration are becoming a thing of the past. It’s likely at some point in the near future you will be migrating from an on premise solution to a more cloud friendly environment. All you care about is how quick and painless the process of getting you there is going to be, which is why we created this solution. We make it easy to carry out a complete SharePoint migration from your legacy systems such as existing public folders, on premise file servers, or any existing data source, to OneDrive or Office 365 as well offering comprehensive SharePoint to SharePoint migration enabling users to migrate a site/central admin, list/library, and items from a SharePoint to another SharePoint. We enable you to migrate without the migraine. With its user-friendly interface and easy execution process, this software totally eliminates the complexity involved in migrating content from different sources.

Migrate directly to the newer SharePoint or Office 365

how it benefits you

Migration Analyzer
Analyze it before you migrate, leave issues aside

The days are gone when Administrators used to be afraid of what will happen to the content after uploading to SharePoint. Now you can let LepideMigrator for Documents perform this tedious but essential analysis for you, that too before actual migration. You can check what SharePoint will support or what not and what are the restrictions of uploading content. Just enlist the content you wish to migrate and software will analyze all issues that may occur during real migration. So you can fix your issues, before starting the actual content movement.

Key Features
  • Detailed XLS (spreadsheet) reports on pre-migration analysis
  • Analyze before migration, whether the selected content can be uploaded to the SharePoint Server or not
  • Know what all issues you may face during migration
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