SQL Server Auditor

See who, what, where
and when changes are made…

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SQL Server Audit

Available standalone or part of the LepideAuditor Suite

Auditing SQL Server is more than just watching for changes. IT Pros work within SQL Server daily, requiring an auditing solution that not only looks to see what’s changed, but one that also looks to see what’s being done with SQL Server. LepideAuditor monitors and audits every aspect of SQL Server management, so you are kept in the loop regarding just about anything done to your SQL Servers.

How it benefits you

Detailed Change Auditing
Every login, every operation, every change

Your company’s most important data is stored on your SQL Server, and changes to data, the configuration, or security can impact compliance mandates, data integrity, or worse – operations. LepideAuditor tracks every login change, operation performed, and change made using a dedicated agent to ensure no use or modification of SQL Server goes undocumented.

Key Features
  • A dedicated agent ensures every action is captured
  • Audits every aspect of SQL Server management – from login, to operations performed, to changes made – capturing pertinent details
  • Auditing of SQL can be concentrated based on server, database, objects, operations, and users
  • Every change and operation entry includes Who, What, Where and When, details
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