VM Manager Plus

Unlimited VM, Host & Datastore Monitoring

VM Manager Plus is free virtualization monitoring software that monitors unlimited VMs, hosts, and data stores across VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer platforms. It proactively monitors critical performance metrics such as CPU, memory, and disk utilization, network usage, memory swap, datastore read/write latency, memory ready, and much more. VM Manager Plus also monitors live migration of VMs and updates the VM-host relationship map automatically.

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Monitor VMware, Hyper-V & XenServer for Free

Performance Management

Leveraging industry-standard protocols, VM Manager Plus monitors hosts, VMs and datastores across the leading hypervisors such as VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft HyperV and Citrix XenServer. It monitors various performance metrics such as memory swap, memory ready, CPU ready, shared memory, disk I/O etc.

Real-time Virtualization Map

Virtualization maps provide a visual representation of relationships among hosts, clusters, and VMs in real-time. It helps you to gain quick visibility into your virtual infrastructure. In addition, these maps automatically update themselves whenever there is a live migration of VMs within the virtual cluster.

Insightful reports

VM Manager Plus offers out-of-the-box reports on CPU, memory, disk and network utilization for every host and VM for 2 days. For historical reports you have to purchase license for VM Manager Plus. All these reports can be scheduled or exported in pdf, csv, and xls formats.

Automatic discovery and classification

VM Manager Plus automatically discovers, maps and documents your entire virtual infrastructure. All you need to do is specify the proper credentials; VM Manager Plus discovers the devices, classifies them under the appropriate virtualization categories and associates the predefined monitors available in the device monitoring templates.

Managing Virtual Machine Sprawl

VM Manager Plus provides a list of idle and stale VMs that helps you manage and prevent VM Sprawl effectively. It gives you a complete list of resource utilization that helps to track the over-utilized & under-utilized VMs for better optimization and capacity planning. However, to access VM Sprawl management feature, license has to be purchased.

Instant fault notification via email/SMS

VM Manager Plus has a powerful fault management module that instantly notifies about performance glitches, downtime, and faults via email and SMS. It helps you to quickly detect and limit the impact of failures in your virtual environment.

VM Manager Plus is built on OpManager, ManageEngine’s highly-scalable network and data center infrastructure management software that can monitor 50,000 devices or 1 million interfaces from a single server. You can convert VM Manager Plus into OpManager for network & server management by just applying a license.

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