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Fleet Management & GPS Vehicles Tracking

Problem Identification

Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver more efficiencies while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Fleet Tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing businesses and governments to do more with less.



Fleet Management Solution provides complete vehicles tracking and management tools that provide complete return on investment typically in less than one year.

Hard dollar savings in fuel, vehicle miles driven, and worker overtime are obvious benefits.

In addition, fewer accidents, improved driver behaviour and better execution of corporate and agency mandates deliver even more value to the organization.


GPS Vehicles Tracking Solution is an innovative Cloud-Based fleet management solution, available through any PC or device connected to the Internet, via a SaaS Delivery Model (Software as a Service). Based on GPS and Global System for Mobile (GSM) Technology. Capable of managing, in real time, relevant information that allows the planning of the company’s fleet activities for the purpose of increasing profitability and productivity, optimize resources and allowing customers a quick return on investment.

How does it work?

Installed in a vehicle, the location unit sends, minute by minute, information such as: location, speed, driving times, distance travelled, driver identification, ignition state, etc.

This information is transmitted through the GSM/GPRS or GPS (as a backup) to the client server accessible through the Internet.

Fleet managers can, at any moment and through any computer connected to the Internet, locate all the vehicles at any part of the world and have access to a wide set of reports.

Peripherals and Sensors


Accurate Digital Fuel Level Sensor

Driver ID


Remote Immobilization

Door Opening/Closing Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Panic Button

Fuel Level Sensor

Internal Battery

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