Red Hat

A New Strategic Partnership between
Alnafitha IT and Red Hat

Alnafitha IT and Red Hat, a leading software company, enter into a strategic partnership. Alnafitha IT was eager to expand its scale of services and add to its vast profile the Red Hat products and solutions to cover multiple areas of services Alnafitha IT offers.

Our principal goal is to satisfy the customers by providing our best services. This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our business and also provide newer services. By adopting Red Hat approaches, Alnafitha IT will deliver agile and scalable platforms that smoothly respond to the business needs for innovative and secure solutions.

By being a Red Hat partner, Alnafitha IT gains a competitive edge and plays an integral role in the ever-changing market of information technology. We aspire to further contribute to our customer success stories by making all Red Hat solutions available to utilize on a larger scale.

Partnership Scale

The partnership was mainly built to leverage Alnafitha IT expertise in building, scaling, and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid clouds. By extending Red Hat solutions to our cloud and on-premises infrastructure, we will be able to

  • Test hardware products in conjunction with Red Hat software offerings.
  • Create solutions based Red Hat best practices.
  • Sell Red Hat software and solutions.
  • Design, plan, and implement industry-leading, open-source, hybrid cloud solutions.

With that and all, we always work on enriching our profile to invade the market, so we consider this partnership a big win in 2021.

About Alnafitha IT

Alnafitha IT is a leading IT enterprise in the KSA market that aims to work within the broad vision of KSA to implement digital transformation. Alnafitha provides consistent processes and tools combined with the right skills at the right time and place. In addition, we design IT solutions that fit your unique requirements with a complete breadth of distributed IT solutions.

All Alnafitha IT solutions and services fall under the following:

  • IT Support Service
  • IT Consultation
  • Modern Workspace
  • Apps and Infrastructure
  • Data and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Service Management
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Business Applications 

About Red Hat

Red Hat is an enterprise software company that adopts an open-source development model. It offers a broad portfolio of products that are constantly expanding. It is loyal to the open-source to maintain its environment exposed to the best ideas to thrive. Throughout its journey as a leading software company, Red Hat assembles open-source components for the Linux operating system.

Red Hat delivers multiple solutions that tackle diverse areas of cloud computing and in addition to virtualization products that help businesses leverage the maximum benefit of their infrastructure.

To sum up, this partnership will surely reflect on the services that Alnafitha IT aims to cover. Within the broad vision of KSA 2030 to digitalize all services, this partnership comes in alignment with this demanded transformation.