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Holistic IT management in a single pane of glass

assyst is a single app for managing IT, centered on one principle—give you the tech you need to accelerate and grow IT capabilities—without the overheads usually associated with enterprise applications.

Transform IT with intelligent ITSM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enable service delivery organizations to make smarter decisions and provide better services. assyst uses intelligent automation to connect datapoints, mine insights, make decisions, and trigger smart automations—enabling a next-generation approach to running your services, infrastructure, and operations.

Key AI-driven ITSM features

AI is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate..

Pervasive AI

Smart InfoZone embedded across all ITIL disciplines to support many IT roles.

Chatbot Integration

Reduce support costs and transform the IT customer experience with AI-driven support chatbots.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

assyst analyses user input on-the-fly to make sense of text entries.

A digital service desk for a digital world

Today’s tech-savvy workforce demands better and faster access to services and support while on the move. assyst is a modern service desk and IT management solution which gives analysts and users the information, knowledge, tools and collaborations they need to get the job done, wherever they are.

Key service desk software features

Service desk software is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate.

Complete Visibility

See the broader context of the issue. assyst gives you detailed visibility of the user, the service, supporting infrastructure, previous issues, changes, and more.


PinkVERIFY accreditated for all 16 ITIL processes, assyst supports best practices from day one. No modules to integrate.

Web IT Portal

Redirect 50%+ of your daily service desk traffic to digital channels with our easy-to-use web and mobile portal.

Knowledge Management Software

Make the most of what your people know with a curated knowledge base and IT collaboration tools for real-time problem-solving.

Service-view CMDB

You get a complete, service-oriented view of your infrastructure, configuration, status, and history, making it easy to find root cause faster.

Endpoint Management

Automatically detect and resolve endpoint security and performance issues, reducing the flow of incidents to the service desk.

Process & Service Automation

IT people tied up with repetitive tasks? With assyst you can automate day-to-day IT operations and service requests—giving you more time to innovate. With assyst it's easy to automate complex IT tasks, orchestrating actions across different systems as a single, seamless process.

Key IT automation features

IT automation is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate..

Process designer

Graphical process designer with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes managing automated processes simple.

Event management

Intelligent systems monitoring makes sense of events and triggers automated processes to resolve issues before they impact your organization.

Algorithmic ops

Map faults to automated response processes to handle routine IT tasks with zero human intervention.

Web portal

Digitalize the IT customer experience with a web and mobile portal, empowering employees to log incidents, request services and find info.

Easy integration

Simple, off-the-shelf connectors enable the automation engine to control third-party systems. No coding required.

Desktop compliance

Automatically detect and resolve endpoint issues with plug’n’play compliance. If it’s on your network, compliance is guaranteed.

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Mobile IT Workforce Tools

Get real-time access to information. Make decisions and take actions. Update records to ensure information is always fresh. With assyst you can do all this and more from the palm of your hand. Rich IT management functionality, accessible with any smartphone or tablet, means work happens at an accelerated pace.

Key IT Mobile Workforce Features

Mobile IT features are a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate.

Mobile Dashboards

Get the same information you see on your desktop or IT command center wall.

Any Device

assyst is accessible on any modern smartphone or tablet: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or Blackberry.

Update Records

Access and update incidents, problems, changes, requests, knowledge artefacts, and more.

Make Decisions

Decision-making on the move means processes keep moving, even when managers are out of the office.

Take Action

Dig deeper, analyse issues, access knowledge, and take remedial actions right from your smartphone or tablet.


Search, create and participate in discussions on the move.

Password Reset

assystReset allows end users to reset their Windows password without having to contact the IT department, eliminating one of the most frequent calls to the service desk. assystReset is straightforward to configure, easy to use and a secure way for users to reset their passwords.

Key password reset features

Self-service password reset is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate.


All data is transmitted across SSL. Passwords use one-way, double-hashed encryption.


Simple administration supports any language.


Report on automated password resets and resulting savings.

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