Collaboration Solutions

Get Your Whole Teams on the Same Wavelength

Get all the required tools that enable you and your teams to work together and accelerate their performance. Help your teams ignite their innovations to achieve improved efficiency and increased productivity. Alnafitha IT can provide you with the most innovative tools featuring an abundance of options and integrations that helped multiple enterprises and organizations hit their goals.  

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Collaboration Solutions


Collaboration and Document Management

Enable your teams to share, track, and manage documents, files, and content to boost teamwork and automate workflow. Go paperless by selecting the right tool to store and organize documents and track and view changes and edits in real time. Further, you can control the privileges and roles assigned to team members to maintain data protection. 


Communication Solutions

Facilitate collaboration among your team members to chat, call, and share content from one platform that integrates with other apps. Sharing documents and files to communicate thoughts and ideas will accelerate the business operations and keep things easily streamlined. Unify the communication platform that aggregates the best apps and features you need attainable.  


Email Solutions

Have a business-class email service that features scalability and flexibility to work smarter. Take advantage of the most intelligent email solutions with Alnafitha IT that are ad-free and have multi-layer anti-virus and intelligent anti-spam. Get a wide range of features and functionalities that enhance communication among your team members. 

Why Choose Alnafitha IT?


Alnafitha IT has a team of experts that can deliver you the solutions and implement them efficiently. The team is qualified enough to accomplish the needed services and set the efficacious roadmap to guarantee to implement the solutions as required.  

A Broad Presence

Take advantage of the broad presence of Alnafitha IT in KSA and its huge profile to get a guaranteed service with distinctive support. Alnafitha IT is already trusted by the most prominent organizations and governmental entities across Saudi Arabia. 

Comprehensive Options

You have multiple options to get the solutions delivered by Alnafitha IT, starting from just the license up to implementation and support. Utilize the high expertise of Alnafitha IT team to get consultations or free demos to guarantee to gain the exact solutions you need.  

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