COVID-19 Impact on IT Operation in KSA

Covid-19 has a significant impact on organizations’ IT operations in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). There has been a considerable disruption in business activities. Hence the acceleration in remote working. 
In this article, we’ll focus on how Covid-19 has affected KSA organizations’ IT operations and the proactive steps to take (at a minimal cost) to counter it. 

Effects of Covid-19 on IT Operations

Due to the pandemic, working from home became the only option to avert IT operations’ total shutdown. We are going to discuss the significant drawbacks of remote working on KSA organizations. 
  • Increased IT Expenditure:
To facilitate remote working scenarios, organizations spend more on IT equipment and specialized software. This culminates in a significant rise in operating costs.  
  • Increased Cyber Threats:
The adoption of remote working exposed organizations to more cyber threats. The reason for this occurrence is; IT professionals have to work from home; thus, they connect to their network from home. Professionals are bound to engage in unsecure practices that expose organizations to attack. 
  • Inadequate Infrastructure for remote working scenarios:
Some organizations without working from the home culture before the pandemic struggled and are still struggling to adapt. This is because it takes a lot of preparation and financial resources to have a remote workforce. 
  • Training Problems:
Not every IT department has the skills and preparation required to work from home. There is a need for specialized staff training to be equipped with the skills to function in remote work scenarios. Some organizations suffer setbacks due to the untrained remote workforce.
  • Inadequate Management:
There are inefficiencies in IT operations due to the little control organizations have over their remote workers. Working from home comes with a lot of distractions. And some companies have not been able to maximize the output of remote workers.
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Effective IT Solutions to Reduce Covid-19 Impacts

Are there ways an organization can contain the effects of Covid-19 on IT operations? Yes, there are measures organizations can take to lessen and avert these impacts. Let’s explore the solutions. 
  • Institute a Recovery and Continuity Plan
The pandemic took every organization unawares. Hence the impact on every industry. However, to ensure recovery and continuity, adequate plans must be made. 
The IT department should institute a comprehensive “come-back” plan. The plan should be geared towards getting rid of the disruptions caused by the pandemic. 
  • Invest in IT Support Services:
Outsourcing some IT support services will surely help your organization recover faster. Overcoming the effects of the pandemic is challenging. This is because it involves the implementation of IT solutions that many companies are not acquainted with and to get these solutions, you need the support service of an expert IT firm. 

Here're the reasons why you need an expert support service:

  1. Efficiency – due to the new technologies required for remote working, it’s advisable to have experts implement them for you. 
  2. Cost – outsourcing IT services is the solution to the first impact of Covid-19 (increased IT spending). Having an in-house solution may not be the best action to take – from a cost perspective. 
  3. Maintenance – outsourcing some IT services will save you the pain and cost of maintaining some high-end IT infrastructures.  
In essence, contracting an IT solution provider will help you avoid the adverse operational effects of Covid-19 while you focus on other business obligations. 
Read the following article to find out the Top 6 IT Operations Challenges Facing It Professionals & Solutions.
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  • Take Cyber Security Measures Tailored Towards Remote Working
Cyber traitors are exploiting the loopholes in working from home. To maintain a remote workforce, organizations must secure their endpoints. 
report by Panda Security shows there is an increase in cyber-attacks due to the pandemic. These cyber-threats require a security solution tailored towards establishing and maintaining a hack-proof connection between remote workers and the central network. 
Alnafitha IT provides IT security solutionsAlnafitha IT is in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, and others. Alnafitha IT offers specialized security solutions to companies, especially in KSA. 
  • Train IT Personnel
Staff training is as crucial as the other solutions presented here—lack of technical know-how and proper work ethics are some of the impacts of Covid-19 on IT operations. 
Adopting a new work culture due to the pandemic requires training. So, KSA organizations should take staff training as one of their foremost priorities. 

Wrapping Up

Truly, Covid-19 has impacted the IT operations of organizations. Nevertheless, with IT consulting firms, there are feasible solutions to ensure that this pandemic’s impact on IT operation is reduced and prevented.  

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