Free Support Plan

For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary Azure Support plan, that will provide you with comprehensive protection for your Azure cloud infrastructure.

If you are Microsoft Azure Customer, you will get all the below FREE OF CHARGE:

Benefits of Getting Our Complementary Azure Support Plan

Our Microsoft Azure technical support engineers will support you through

Support Case Resolution 8×5

Get the problem resolution support you look for through our support plan to serve you 8×5

Interactive Support Portal

Through our support portal, you can centrally manage service requests, instantly access our team with tangible progress insights, easily send feedback and inquiries on each activity,

Cloud Advisory Cases

Cloud Advisory Cases provides the customer a guidance beyond incident support needs, it focuses on recommendations or best practices used to solve how-to scenarios that take advantage of cloud products and technologies.

Other Value-added Services

With the Azure Free support plan, you will get other added-value services that will help you protect your cloud infrastructure.

Get your free Azure support plan