Moving Beyond EDR to XDR

6th December 2020


From 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM

KSA Time​


Many organizations still rely on EDR systems to get information about attacks against their endpoints that may be undetected or unclassified by traditional EPP solutions. However, enterprises nowadays require an extended protective umbrella that can defend not just legacy endpoints but also mobile and cloud workloads – all without overburdening in-house staff or requiring even more resources. Detecting today’s advanced threats requires more than a collection of point solutions. SOCs need a platform that intelligently reveals advanced adversaries leading to better, faster security outcomes.

Companies can’t afford not to have full visibility into who’s trying to attack them. Here is where the deployment of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) can have a powerful security impact.

Join our webinar to learn how McAfee XDR delivers a complete platform that provides SOCs visibility into how threats impact your key business processes, prioritizes response, and delivers a fully-integrated platform of security technologies.

Day Agenda

  • Introduction about Alnafitha IT
  • The Evolution of EDR
  • SOC Digital Transformation
  • Overview on MVISION XDR

Presented By

Ehab Abualdyouk

Ehab Abualdyouk



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