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Alnafitha IT Expands Its Capabilities by a New Partnership with Rubrik

As Alnafitha IT is very committed to constant evolution, it partnered with Rubrik for data management and protection solutions. The partnership aims at enhancing the IT infrastructure and security services offered by Alnafitha IT.

Rubrik is a market leader in Cloud Data Management that helps enterprises achieve data control to drive business resiliency, cloud mobility, and regulatory compliance. Rubrik’s solutions and products revolve around cloud data management and protection, backup and ransomware recovery, and API integration.

Rubrik is entrusted by the world’s leading companies and industry-leading partners so that they can offer a mélange of services and workloads that bring businesses up to speed.

The partnership comes as part of the strategic expansion that Alnafitha IT seeks to deliver the most innovative technologies into the KSA market. Actually, Alnafitha IT delivers multiple solutions with different vendors that cover all IT demands and functions, starting from infrastructure, passing through security solutions, ending with business software and applications.

Therefore, they seek to leverage all the latest and leading technology solutions that optimize their integrated solutions.

Partnership Scale

This partnership enables Alnafitha IT to leverage the latest innovative technologies of data management and protection offered by Rubrik. As Rubrik is entrusted by hyperscalers and industry-leading partners, Alnafitha IT will enable businesses to

  • Manage their critical data
  • Protect their data against ransomware and cyberattacks
  • Implement and modernize backup and recovery
  • Accelerate ransomware recovery
  • Integrate the Rubrik platform across multiple enterprise tools and workflows

What’s important is that Alnafitha IT will enable enterprises to implement Zero-Trust Data Management to ensure that backups are 100% protected and resilient. In brief, with partnership, no business working with Alnafitha IT will be subject to legacy backups that are vital to ransomware or cyber threats.

To point out, with Alnafitha IT utilizing Rubrik solutions and services, they will help businesses leverage the following:

  • Data Protection
  • Cloud Mobility
  • Security and Compliance
  • Business Process Automation

Actually, this partnership comes as an integral step toward helping businesses in KSA achieve digital transformation.

About Alnafitha IT

Alnafitha IT is a leading IT enterprise in the KSA market that aims to work within the broad vision of KSA to implement digital transformation. Alnafitha provides consistent processes and tools combined with the right skills at the right time and place. In addition, we design IT solutions that fit your unique requirements with a complete breadth of distributed IT solutions.

All Alnafitha IT solutions and services fall under the following:

  • IT Support Service
  • IT Consultation
  • Modern Workspace
  • Apps and Infrastructure
  • Data and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Service Management
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Business Applications 

About Rubrik

Rubrik is a market leader in Cloud Data Management that helps enterprises achieve data control to drive business resiliency, cloud mobility, and regulatory compliance.

Rubrik offers multiple solutions and products that quickly integrate with industry-leading technologies:

  • Zero-trust data management
  • Ransomware investigation
  • Sensitive data discovery
  • API integration

With any of these services enforced, you will get those functions extensible through the Rubrik Cloud Data Management API. Finally, Rubrik got named by Gartner as a Leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for data center backup and recovery solutions.