(Managing Across the LifeCycle)

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this qualification, candidates can expect to gain competencies in the following:

Key concepts of the service lifecycle.

Communication and stakeholder management.

Integrating service management processes across the service lifecycle.

Managing services across the service lifecycle.

Governance and organization.

Implementing and improving service management capability.

Target Group

The qualification prepares candidates to work in established service management roles, as well as to implement and improve service management practices. The target group for the MALC qualification includes, but is not limited to:

Chief information officers, Senior IT managers.

IT managers, Supervisors and IT professionals.

IT professionals, IT operations practitioners.

IT development practitioners.

Individuals seeking the ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management for which this qualification can be one of the prerequisite modules.


To certify ITIL MALC that the candidate has instead of have learned the value of one combined service management practice as opposed to separate subject areas. ITIL processes and practices, as learnt from the lifecycle and capability streams of the intermediate certificates, are put into a context of delivering this value.

The Purpose

ITIL MALC certificate gives candidates the skills to support an organization’s service delivery by bridging the service lifecycle stages.

Format of the Examination:

Type: 10 MCQ

Duration: 150 minutes

Supervised: Yes

Open Book: No

Pass Score: 35/50

Delivery: Paper BASED


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