This service allows organizations to explore resident workers data and execute passports procedures online anytime and anywhere without the need to visit passports office.

Muqeem Service Advantages

Raise the efficiency of transactions finalization.

Offer quick and secure procedure.

Acquire accurate information.

Muqeem offers

First: Interactive Services for Electronic Transactions

Issuing the one-time exit and re-entry visa

Printing the exit and re-entry visa

Canceling the exit and re-entry visa

Extending the exit and re-entry visa

Issuing the final exit visa

Printing the final exit visa

Iqama renewal

Issuing Iqama

Second: Inquiries about… 

Resident's data through the residency number

Any fines for any resident on your sponsorship

Information regarding driving licenses

General data regarding any resident on your sponsorship

About any resident by name

Exit and re-entry visa by residency number

Third: Directorate of Passports’ Lists Electronic Services

Fourth: Traffic Department’s Lists Electronic Services Access