Exchange Server Audit

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Exchange Server Audit

Available standalone or part of the LepideAuditor Suite

Microsoft Exchange represents one of the most complex systems to audit and maintain. No other system has as many facets to it as Exchange. From mailboxes, to distribution lists, to storage, to the entire Exchange organization configuration – there are many places for changes to be made that can impact anything from a single user to the entire company. LepideAuditor audits changes to Exchange, while also keeping tabs on the health of your Exchange servers, ensuring your environment is properly configured and healthy.

How it benefits you

Centralized Change Tracking
Monitor Changes to All of Exchange

Changes to your Exchange environment can impact an entire company’s ability to operate. So it’s important to have visibility into changes affecting Exchange, regardless of whether the changes are made in Active Directory (including the Exchange organization), or are related to mailbox access on the Exchange server itself. LepideAuditor centrally tracks every change, ensuring you can be made aware of anything that may cause a decrease in user productivity or email security.

Key Features
  • Centrally track Exchange-related changes to both Active Directory objects like Mailboxes, Contacts, and Distribution Lists, as well as Exchange-specific objects like Policies, Storage Groups, Mailbox Databases, and more
  • Selectively audit changes in Exchange based on object classes in AD
  • Every change entry includes Who, What, When, Where, and From details
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