SharePoint Audit

See who, what, where
and when changes are made…

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SharePoint Audit

Available standalone or part of the LepideAuditor Suite

Collaboration with SharePoint centralizes the storage, access, and modification of some of the more important data in your company. LepideAuditor audits the management of SharePoint, keeping tabs on even the smallest changes in configuration, security, and accounts.

How it benefits you

Comprehensive Change Auditing
Every change, shared with you

SharePoint’s complex data structure allows for changes to be made at a number of levels, each potentially impacting its users negatively . LepideAuditor audits changes at every of SharePoint – farm, server, library, and more – to make certain all of SharePoint is secure and accessible.

Key Features
  • A dedicated agent ensures every action is captured
  • Every level of SharePoint is subject to audit – farms, servers, sites, collections, folders, lists, users, groups, and more
  • Changes to SharePoint’s hierarchy are audited, all the way down to changes in columns within lists
  • Auditing can be configured to focus on specific SharePoint sites, or an entire server
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