Top 6 IT Operations Challenges Facing IT Pros & Solutions

Every IT environment has its complexity that falls on IT operation managers and directors’ shoulders to manage—from handling different business units’ demands, keeping up with ever-changing, complex IT infrastructure, to maintaining the cost at a minimum while assuring IT delivery as expected.
All of this makes it a role filled with multiple pitfalls in need of reliable IT support as a pivotal part of keeping the IT operation running efficiently. 

Why IT Operations Face Tough Challenges?

IT operation dynamics are continually changing, especially during uncertainty like the present case with the COVID19 pandemic and what follows it with uncertain circumstances. Such times come uninvited with their difficulty, where IT operation managers are left alone to handle it as they go.  
Additionally, according to Fujitsu’s user survey report, 73% of operations staff reported spending significant time on infrastructure or platform management, and 69% spend it on investigation and forward-planning activities. 
Not just that, but 76% of IT operations teams reported that the IT landscape’s complexity is the most significant barrier to productivity, while 69% believed the glut of tools is behind the delays, and 60% mentioned it is the shortage of skills. 
This gives you a hint on how IT operations are in great need of enterprise support to overcome such barriers and save key IT operations staff significant time to focus on other more important aspects of the job. 

What are the top 6 IT operation challenges facing IT Professional?

1. Business High Expectations of IT Services Availability and Continuity

IT professionals are always expected to maintain the service running efficiently and effectively for 24/7 all year long regardless of any incidents, keeping the business continuity as a priority no matter what. Even though this is essential to any business, it presents a tough challenge for many IT operations staff where they get under the hook frequently. 

2. Managing Complex Multi-Vendor and Distributed IT Environments

Due to the complexity increase of the IT landscape and the use of different multi-vendor services and applications, the challenge of effectively managing these services and applications has become like hitting a brick wall to many.  IT professionals are expected to follow best practices, solve every incident, and keep themselves updated with new technical approaches to excel at managing those tools like no other. 

3. Complex Internal Process to Implement New Solutions

Deployment of a new solution can be a headache to many IT professionals as it comes with lots of internal approval processes and follow-ups to ensure the right deliverables are met.  Although this is an essential part of any business, the amount of effort, collaborations, and time spent over it is significant, adding a massive pressure on IT operation managers. 

4. Rapid Change in Technology

Technology updates are dramatically accelerating the pace in developing and adopting new technologies This fast-paced environment has affected every area, not just business.  However, the vast responsibility relies on companies and their IT professionals to quickly adopt these new technologies and even incorporate them into their day-to-day work. 

5. The Cost of Specialized Skilful Team and Resources

Like any aspect of the business, controlling cost plays a significant role, especially in IT operations. The cost of getting skilful IT support team is skyrocketing, let alone hiring specialized ones. This presents a massive challenge for IT operations managers because they have to ensure getting the right talent to help provide the needed support as expected, while simultaneously managing the budget wisely. 

6. Easy Tracking IT Operations and Activities

Periodical follow-ups and tracking team efforts and collaboration is a necessity but time-consuming. IT directors are on a constant search for a way to centralize this process or at least ease it so they can lead efficiently while following everything regularly as expected. 

How to Solve These Pitfalls and Get an Efficient IT Operations Environment?

To lead with a focus on success, growth, and sustainability, you are left with few options to help your IT operations environment become more efficient and productive.
The most proven success one of these practices is outsourcing your IT support and benefit from the right talents and diverse areas of expertise while keeping cost at a minimum and productivity at a maximum.

How Outsourcing Your IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

There are many advantages of outsourcing your IT Support through reliable Enterprise IT Support service, here are the top 6 reasons to reap the benefits of outsourcing IT support that will enhance your business in the current working environment, especially post Covid-19:
  • Through outsourcing your IT Support, you will be able to overcome the high business expectations of IT services availability and continuity with service level agreement (SLA) IT support that will help you assess your current IT services and provide trusted, reliable recommendations to meet your business expectations smoothly. 
  • The reliable IT Support provider will provide a team of expert engineers with a multi-vendor approach to help you proactively manage complex multi-vendor and distributed IT environments, following best practices in different technologies. 
  • One of the competitive advantages is that the good IT Support provider will enable you to select a suitable deployment hours package to keep you protected against un-planned projects or unexpected changes challenges and make the required deployment whenever needed. 
  • The reliable IT Support service will help you to keep yourself updated with the technology changes in the market, mainly when you can get a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to help you get the desired knowledge and handson experience whenever you need it. 
  • Contracting with a trusted IT Support company will help you avoid the expensive vendor support and the high cost of hiring a specialized skilled team and instead benefit from customer-driven services delivered by a highly competent team of engineers and even save that budget from hitting rock bottom. 
  • You can centrally manage services requests through online access with a comprehensive request fulfillment process and instantly access the service provider support team with tangible progress insights, so you don’t miss track of what is happening or lose control of the agreement .

How Efficiently Are You Really Working?

If you are facing these challenges and pitfalls, start reassessing your resources and IT operations environment, discuss with your IT operations staff, and seek help if you need to.  
Remember, the ultimate goal is to drive your IT operations to a higher efficiency level while keeping the spirit high and cost at a minimum. 

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