Zero trust is a security approach that revolves around what we can say “never trust

Stop Ransomware and Embrace Zero-Trust Security Approach with Illumio

Gone is the time of depending on hard security perimeter to secure critical digital assets. With the paradigm shift in the working environment and the rising digital workspace, the compute estate can span one or multiple data centers added to public clouds and hosting providers.
This definitely enlarged the opportunity for breaches and malicious actors to penetrate into systems in a way that is scarcely explored. Here comes the role of Zero-Trust security that helps enterprises face those hardships.

What Is Zero-Trust Security?

Zero trust is a security approach that revolves around what we can say “never trust, always verify.” To explain, it is a security model that requires all system users, whether they are inside or outside the organization’s network, to be authenticated and validated continuously for security configuration before being granted access to data and applications.

It is considered a new paradigm in network defenses. Accordingly, it seeks to deliver a security model that enables organizations to restrict access controls, without blemishing user experience or performance. Nowadays, most businesses and enterprises adopt Zero Trust as a critical pillar of their security strategy due to the paradigm shift occurring in work environments.

Overview of Illumio as a Security Solution Provider

Illumio is one of the leading providers of security solutions that pioneered the Zero Trust security approach to fortify enterprises. Its solutions simply eliminate implicit trust and enforce strict user and device authentication policies throughout the network based on a novel micro-segmentation approach.
Illumio delivers a real-time application dependency map, Illumination, that visualizes communications between workloads and applications for potential ransomware containment.
Here is how they offer a distinctive solution of security:
  • Risk-Based Visibility
  • Environment Segmentation
  • Application Ring Fencing
  • Hybrid Environment
  • User Control
  • Vulnerability Maps

How Can Illumio Stop Ransomware and Cyberattacks?

All solutions are designed to enforce workload security at scale across apps, data centers, cloud environments, containers, and endpoints. Actually, for any ransomware or cyberattacks to be successful, they need to cruise the organization network.
Illumio scrutinized this method of attacking and came up with three initiatives to hinder this method.

Visibility and Ransomware Containment

Illumio has tailored its solution to quickly and easily identify and locate endangered systems within organizations and contain ransomware to safeguard digital assets. To stop ransomware in its tracks, you have to follow three steps to follow:
  1. Gaining risk-based visibility to capture critical insights within an hour maximum.
  2. Assessing vulnerabilities to improve defense and minimize breach exposure and pinpoint applications at risk.
  3. Proactively containing ransomware or cyberattacks by impeding unsafe communications.

Zero-Trust Segmentation

When it comes to zero-trust security, micro-segmentation is one of the best techniques to safeguard organizations against malicious actors by hindering the lateral movement of intruders, which, consequently, decreases the attack surface and prevents the attacker to compromise the entire system.
Enterprises are recommended to take advantage of micro-segmentation to
  • Improve breach containment
  • Secure critical applications
  • Streamline policy management
  • Reinforce your regulatory compliance posture
  • Minimize vulnerabilities

Zero-Trust Security

Generally, the Zero Trust approach eliminates automatic access, internally or externally, for any source. Edge and Firewalls are no longer enough to ensure the strict security of your organization. Moving steadily off the campus network to the remote working model made applying the Zero-Trust approach necessary to be extended to the endpoints. The Zero-Trust security model can be implemented through gradual tactics.
  • Never trust any log-in activity inside or outside your perimeter on or off the network.
  •  Verify every user and every device that tries to access your applications or systems.
  • Anticipate breach and suspect any activities and hinder intruders from moving laterally inside the environment.

A Leader in The Forrester Wave

Illumio is recognized as the outright leader in Forrester’s latest Wave report. Out of 15 vendors, they received the highest scores and were given as a recommendation for enterprises that wants a holistic Zero Trust offering.
They were given the highest scores possible in the criteria of network security, workload security, visibility and analytics, APIs, future state of zero trust infrastructure, vision and strategy, advocacy, mission completion, customers investing in a portfolio, and portfolio growth rate.

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