Alnafitha IT Leverages Illumio Solutions
in a New Partnership

To help businesses and enterprises get the utmost security for their infrastructure and platforms, Alnafitha IT and Illumio enter into a new partnership and join their forces to offer unbeatable IT operations.

This collaboration aims at covering the security channel applying the Zero Trust approach and micro-segmentation to stop ransomware and isolate cyberattacks. Alnafitha IT is eager to find the latest and novel approaches to address security issues. Finding a new model that applies intelligence to protect against threats is the new strategy that comes out of this partnership.

Definitely, this is an excellent addition to Our Security Profile which encourages businesses to rely on Our all-encompassing service landscape. Together, we are sure we will make successful customer success stories.

Illumio technology will harness the infrastructure and management solutions offered by Alnafitha IT, which will guarantee a healthier IT environment. For this reason, we consider it a crucial breakthrough we are proud of.

Partnership Scale

The partnership empowers Alnafitha IT solutions and services with more advanced technology that prevents cybercriminals and ransomware from passing through networks and getting to databases and applications.

Alnafitha IT will be able to leverage Illumio products, Illumio Core and Illumio Edge, to

  • Visualize data and capture insights to contain ransomware
  • Deploy micro-segmentation to achieve Zero Trust Security
  • Streamline policy management
  • Protect hybrid cloud with consistent security

To sum up, we seek by this partnership to take control of the traffic flows within the customer’s datacenters to stop attacks and ransomware from spreading with intelligent visibility and micro-segmentation.

About Alnafitha IT

Alnafitha IT is a leading IT enterprise in the KSA market that aims to work within the broad vision of KSA to implement digital transformation. Alnafitha provides consistent processes and tools combined with the right skills at the right time and place. In addition, we design IT solutions that fit your unique requirements with a complete breadth of distributed IT solutions.

All Alnafitha IT solutions and services fall under the following:

  • IT Support Service
  • IT Consultation
  • Modern Workspace
  • Apps and Infrastructure
  • Data and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Service Management
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Business Applications 

About Illumio

Illumio is a leading security enterprise and the pioneer market leader of multiple Zero Trust Security solutions based on a novel micro-segmentation approach. Illumio delivers a real-time application dependency map, Illumination, that visualizes communications between workloads and applications for potential ransomware containment.

Here is how they offer a distinctive solution of security:

  • Risk-Based Visibility
  • Environment Segmentation
  • Application Ring Fencing
  • Hybrid Environment
  • User Control
  • Vulnerability Maps

Illumio is recognized as the outright leader in Forrester’s latest Wave report. Out of 15 vendors, they received the highest scores and were given as a recommendation for enterprises that wants a holistic Zero Trust offering.   

As you can see, this partnership came as a further action toward growing Alnafitha IT profile for security and cloud solutions to urge businesses and organizations to leverage the ultimate solutions for IT operations and management.