Cloud Computing Solutions

Build, Implement, and Digitize with the Top-Notch Cloud Solutions

Take the most out of your IT environment with the finest cloud services that deliver seamless solutions. Alnafitha IT can provide you with any of the multiple cloud services needed to enable you to run your business operations efficiently.

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Cloud Computing Solutions


Building cloud Infrastructure

Whatever your databases or workload needs, we have the best-in-class cloud solution for your business. Alnafitha IT can deliver diverse cloud solutions that cover a variety of use cases, from infrastructure, storage, data backup, to networking and database as a service. 


Cloud Development Operations (DevOps)

Keep your teams and processes aligned to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Get the technology and tools that help evolve and improve products at a faster pace to guarantee business agility. Alnafitha IT has high expertise to define which solution suits your needs. 


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Back up your data in a cloud computing environment to orchestrate your DR and regain access and functionality to IT after a disaster. Depend on a comprehensive DR plan with an automated solution to protect your data and workloads against disasters. You will minimize manual tasks that consume a lot of time and reduce the recovery time. 


Cloud Security Service

Adopt a cloud security solution to respond effectively to the challenges of moving to the cloud. You need to outride advanced threats and mitigate risks. With a cloud security solution, you will preserve visibility, control, and security over your cloud environment whatever the deployment model you adopt. Alnafitha IT offers diverse solutions that adapt to various cloud computing models and align with strategic and operational goals. 



Have a pre-migration plan before migrating to the cloud. Our team will help you draw a migration roadmap evaluating your application dependencies, adequacy, and readiness, considering performance optimization and cost-efficiency. Based on this assessment, our team will define the vendor solution befitting your organization requirements and objectives. 

Alnafitha IT has a partnership with the cloud hyper scalers to provide customers
with winning ways to upscale their business model.

Services Compliant with the Best Practices

Though having various solutions, our certified team will ensure applying the best practices for cloud security, architecture, and implementation to modernize your IT landscape, nourish your business growth, and stimulate innovation. Whether you need a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, the best-practice methodology and framework is our competitive edge.  

Cloud Adoption Framework

To have a successful implementation of cloud services, you need to consider the challenges that may impact the adoption excellence. To overcome those challenges, whether they are related to business or cloud-based technologies, our team will help you adopt the cloud computing technologies depending on a multi-phased framework.  

Minimizing the Capital Expense

Expand the functionality of your IT while reducing capital expenditure. By moving to the cloud, you can avoid purchasing needless computing resources. You can also leverage our team expertise to acquire the cloud products and services along with the pricing model that aligns with your business needs and industry demands.  

Business Agility Enhancement

Considering your business needs, we define the cloud computing solution that makes your business more agile and minimizes your priorities. By being able to act more quickly, your business can adapt to the market changes avoiding the complex processes of procurement. Further, you will be able to efficiently address immediate needs.  

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