Cyber Security Solutions

Protect Your Data and IT Infrastructure with the Most Advanced Solutions

Safeguard all your IT environment against prevalent cybersecurity incidents. Alnafitha IT has numerous solutions that cover multiple cybersecurity areas, with which you can secure your apps, emails, networks, and endpoints. 

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Cyber Security Solutions

Email Security

Email Security

Leverage the industry-leading solutions for protecting and securing email and data with Alnafitha IT. Based on your business needs and security demands, Alnafitha IT team will specify the best fitting solution. We fully understand how critical the data and documents shared via email messages as well as the advanced threats you may be subject to. So, we help you leverage the most advanced security features for your business health.

Endpoint and Application Security ​

Endpoint and Application Security

Secure your network endpoints to address vulnerabilities in your network. Prevent data leakage, malicious attacks, or zero-day exploits. Organizations are always targeted by advanced persistent threats and attacks to compromise data through endpoints and application updates. Alnafitha IT has numerous solutions from premier vendors that suit small businesses and enterprises alike.  

Identity and Access Management ​

Identity and Access Management

Help your IT teams administer and control the digital identities of your organization’s users. IAM consists of three components: authentication, identification, and authorizations. Orchestrate access to your business-critical resources and avoid data breach by grasping privileged access abuse. Set the required parameters in the system to automate the detection of abnormal activities.

Network Security

Network Security

Ensure reliable access and network performance and protection from cyberattacks. A well-built network security solution saves organizations the cost of data breaches and ransomware attacks. Alnafitha IT delivers network security solutions that ensure legitimate access to data, applications, and systems, which surely affects business operations and ROI.  

Risk and compliance

Risk and Compliance

Alnafitha IT delivers market-leading risk management and compliance solutions that stimulate IT-related operations. Enable your IT teams to manage operations that require regulation and ensure they are complying with risk measures and standards. Help your teams delineate preventive strategies, generate reports, and automate detective controls. 

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