IT Consultation Services

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Our team will understand your business goals and demands to tailor a roadmap detailing precisely how you can get on the right track. Based on your needs, we offer helpful and practical advice about the technological landscape that enhances your business agility.  

With our professional consulting services, you can get a detailed action plan on the measures and procedures needed to have a safe, effective IT environment that responds to the evolving business challenges and changes.  

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IT Consultation Solutions


Business Continuity Management

Provide your organization with the ability to effectively respond to threats like natural disasters or data breaches. Protect your business operations and interests by having business continuity management. Business continuity management tackles disaster recovery, crisis management, incident management, contingency planning, and emergency management.  


Information Security

Prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, use, modification, or inspection of data or information. Information security covers multiple areas like cryptography, mobile computing, and online social media. With the evolving technology of storing and transferring information over the network, the security of data and information has become a vital issue. Alnafitha IT professionals help you set standards and measures to prevent information from being violated by unauthorized access.  


IT Service Management

Get your IT services implemented, managed, and delivered to meet the needs of your organizations. Leverage the expertise of a highly qualified team to ensure that the proper combination of people, processes, and technology are in place to meet your business goals.  


Quality Management

Get a structured IT quality management system that elevates all IT departments in your organization. To guarantee proactive IT management rather than reactive one that focuses on incidents, you need to have a self-improvement approach. Accordingly, an IT quality management system with visual support, the right tool for tracking improvements, and convenient organization design is demanded.  


Application Management Services

Handle risks, expedite deployment, increase efficiency, and undergo an organization-wide cultural shift. With our DevOps consulting services & agile practices, we deliver the highest-quality products and automate workflows through rapid and incremental iterations. 


Data Management

Enrich the platform’s governance and security features by bringing together the power of intelligent data flows, preparation, and cataloging to make it easier to discover, understand, connect, and trust all your data. Data Management helps deliver trusted, self-service analytics by scaling data automation and operationalization throughout the entire data and analytics lifecycle. 


Enterprise Architecture

Adopt a discipline to build up your IT architecture and holistically lead enterprise responses to disruptive forces. Ensure that your enterprise architecture is developed based on the strategic business direction and governed by the GRC model, considering the main components of EA: business, application, data, and technology. 


IT Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

Design and implement governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) framework. GRC is the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity.  


IT Strategy and Management Services

Leverage the expertise of our advisors to review the current approach for IT strategic planning, review previous strategic plans if there, and ensure the development of a strategic plan in alignment with the client’s business strategic plan. 


Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

Select the proper projects and programs that aligns your portfolio management with the business strategies. An IT PMO is the organizational structure that develops PM strategy and implements all aspects of IT project management. 

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