Rayah Service​

Rayah service designed to send text messages to beneficiaries’ mobile phone numbers registered in Absher at the National Information Center. It assures that all users’ messages are delivered on their mobile phone numbers, therefore avoiding any human error or data manipulation.

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Rayah Service Advantages

Rayah Service 1

An easy-to-connect service through a Web Service.

Rayah Service 2

Ability to organize categories of messages

Rayah Service 3

Ensure that all text messages reach their actual beneficiaries.

Rayah Services

Rayah Service 4
Rayah Service 5

Rayah Service objectives

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Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Al Rawdah District, Prince Saud Al Faisal Road, Rovan Tower, 5th Floor, 506

Support: 012 2349100 - 8002460008

Supervisor mobile : 0542504171 Manager mobile : 0565611300