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Zoho Workplace From emailing, instant messaging, video conferencing to creating documents and storing them on the cloud!

Apps Included in Zoho Workplace

A bundle of nine apps that work seamlessly to keep your business running smoothly

Zoho Mail


A suite of applications, including Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and more inside your email account, along with features tailor-made for enterprises

Zoho workdrive


One storage space for managing an entire team’s files, with enhanced encryption, file monitoring, and customizable reports.

Zoho cliq


Fully featured chat platform, which also offers audio, video, and screen sharing options—all from one place.


Spreadsheet application that makes collaborative data analysis a breeze with its enhanced visual representation and automated workflows.


Word processor that enables sharing and collaboration with colleagues and helps users create clean, beautiful documents.


Presentation tool that offers numerous formatting options and design templates to help individuals and teams create stunning slideshows.

Zoho connect


Team collaboration intranet solution that gives organizations dedicated channels for announcements, internal communication, and project-management tools.

Zoho showtime


Digital education and training platform that facilitates collaborative learning through training presentations, built-in chat, polls, Q;&A, and more.

Zoho meeting


Secure web conferencing platform that provides audio, video, screen sharing capabilities, and detailed analytics reports after each conference.

Experience Zoho Workplace all-in-one view

Access all your Workplace apps without having to move back and forth between browser tabs with the new Workplace dashboard. Customize and rearrange your app widgets, and stay connected with this unified interface. 

Why Zoho Workplace?

With Workplace’s fully featured tools, your goals can be reached in half the time. 

Zoho Workplace

With Workplace, work is just one tap away. Whether you need to access a last-minute presentation, reply to an urgent email, or a host a remote video conference, Workplace helps you get everything done on the move.

When you create, collaborate or communicate using the Workplace apps, your information remains secure. Our password encryption, two-factor authentication (TFA), encryption at rest and transit, and other features guarantee your privacy and security.

Workplace is designed to increase productivity for organizations of any type and size. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a mid-sized enterprise, each tool is built to boost your efficiency and team collaboration.

All apps in Zoho Workplace are tightly integrated to provide you with the best user experience. Respond to Cliq chats while working in any app, store files with WorkDrive and share with Mail, present a spreadsheet over live video conference, and more with Workplace.

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